Alabama native, Dexter Roberts, shares his country roots daily with everyone he meets. The 2014 American Idol, top 10 finalist is known for his love of hunting and music along with a passion for Alabama football. 
      Born in Fayette, Alabama, Dexter Roberts is a survivor.  Raised in a single family home, he did “whatever was needed at the time” to help his mother. Later, he abruptly left the American Idol Season 13 Top 10 Tour, eventually hospitalized with Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick Fever. Following his American Idol days, Roberts signed a record deal only to find the label folding within a year, leaving him with financial debts for the recording of his first CD.  Roberts shrugs it all off and says “that’s life. I know that God will provide me a path for my music.I trust him.” 
      Dexter is currently in the studio working on his next CD which is due in the spring of 2017. You can keep up with his tour dates here.